-- Facilities --


The library has variety of books ranging from fairy tales, Encyclopedia, Fiction, Science, Religion, Arts, Architecture and General knowledge. Periodicals and magazines on many subjects help the students to spend many happy hours expanding their knowledge. The library is constantly being up-dated.


The school has fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology which include microscopes, Physical balances, chemicals, benzene burners and apparatus for various physical, chemical and biological experiments. The lessons explained in the classrooms are demonstrated in the laboratories. Models, slides, charts, video and audio casseties for other subjects are also available.

Computer lab

The school has well equipped computer lab with adequate facility for individual training, Computer Science is compulsory for all students from standard I. The computer lab also has internet facilities.

Inter active Classroom systems

The class rooms of our K.G sections are equipped with Interactive systems whish makes the theory classes more efficient and interesting. The senior classes are also taken to those class rooms which will make learning more effective.