-- Activities --

The School provides multiple activities which will help in the integral development of the students. Activities like karate, skating helps in the physical development of the students where as yoga and meditation helps in the expansion of child’s mental powers. A variety of sports and games increase the sportsmanship of the students and help them to understand the lessons of team spirit and co responsibility which are the necessary qualities required for becoming responsible citizens. The Inter House competitions conducted every year are a stage for all the students to bring out and polish the hidden talents and abilities. We have lots of items for the competitions like singing, dance, skit, drawing, painting, vegetable carving, debate, elocution, Caption writing, creative writing, Quiz etc which will help the children to ignite themselves and enjoy the happiness of being appreciated and acknowledged. We also conduct Science and Arts Exhibitions which will sharpen the creativity and practical skills of the students.
Each child differ in his/her aptitudes and skills. So we have organized a number of clubs in the school from which the child can select any one according to his/her interests. We have clubs like Science club, Maths club, Eco club, Arts club, Dance club, Literature club, Home making club etc. Each club has a variety of activities in which the children participate with great enthusiasm and eagerness. Every Friday we spend one hour for club activities.